X11-BASIC donation page

X11-Basic is a totally voluntary open source non-profit project. Donations in form of money are not necessary. All developpers and contributers do their work just for fun.

However, not all work related is really fun and not all resources used are really free. Since the official X11-Basic homepage as well as the (official) Android app does not include annoying ads, the project is funded exclusively by donations (usually the time people donate by debugging and programming).

But of course any other (small) donation is welcome. Donations will be used to pay the fees for App-Stores which bring the X11-Basic App to your phone, for WEB-hosting, and other expenses necessary to keep X11-Basic alife. If more donations will be received than necessary, the funds will be redonated to other non-profit projects.

Donations can be made via BITCOINs to following account: 1MAmNDJEXEKiM2aqNE12NJ6kHx6Fk7Fm7F

scan the qr-code:


If you want to know how much Bitcoins have already received, have a look here .
Many Thanks for your contribution!