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X11-Basic port of the famouse classic ATARI ST game Ballerburg.
Developer: Eckhard Kruse, ported by Markus Hoffmann et al.
Version: 1.00  (12.01.2009)
Architecture: linux/intel
Language: X11-Basic
Comment: german
See also: Software

Image:Flag-en.gif The game itself is only german (which is the original) at the moment.

Image:Flag-de.gif Das Spiel gibts derzeit nur in der orginal deutschen Version



  • ballerburg.bas --- the game
  • baller.rsc --- the original ATARI ST resource
  • baller.dat --- data for the castles
  • --- highscores
  • anleitung.txt --- original manual of the original version by Eckard Kruse


How to install ballerburg on Android

Screenshot of an android tablet computer running X11-Basic and ballerburg.bas
Screenshot of an android phone running X11-Basic and ballerburg.bas
  • put ballerburg.bas and baller.rsc and baller.dat in /mnt/sdcard/bas
  • make a new directory /mnt/sdcard/bas/sound
  • put all 8 sound files (ballermus.ogg, bumm.ogg, die.ogg, einschlag.ogg, explosion.ogg, flagweg.ogg, flail.ogg, horn.ogg) into this directory. (the sounds are taken from wesnoth).

List of bugs to be fixed

  • Anbauen does not work.
  • make an english version of this game. (if someone has an english version of baller.rsc ...)
  • make a multiplayer Version over internet connection.
  • add something here