The WINDOWS Version of X11-Basic

After you have run the setup program, X11-Basic can be invoked in three ways:

  1. Choose "X11-Basic" from the start-menu: xbasic.exe will come up with a console window and wait for commands to be typed in right away.
  2. Click with the right mousebutton on your desktop. Choose "new" from the context-menu that appears; this will create a new icon on your desktop. The context-menu of this icon has three entries "Execute", "Edit" and "View docu" (which shows the embedded documentation, if any); a double-click executes the program.
  3. Create a file containing your X11-Basic-program (do not use Notepad! Try to get Notepad2, this works.). This file should have the extension ".bas". Double-click on this file then invokes X11-Basic, to execute your program.


The console output is not working nicely unless you have installed ANSI SYS.

AFTER and EVERY can not work under WINDOWS.